Velvet & Hypnotized (VH Bali) Restaurant, Lounge And Club On Kuta Beach

When you need to meet up with friends for the Kuta Beach sunsets, VH Bali is one of the great places on the sometimes erratic one-way Jalan Pantai Kuta. The Kuta sunset spot Velvet, on the third level of the Kuta Beachwalk, is a restaurant, bar and lounge, where you can enjoy refreshing cocktails and beverages together with fusion pan-Asian cuisine. Lounge away or dine on its cosy decks, and after meals or when your friends have gathered and the sun has set, you can head into Hypnotized, VH’s club, to party into the wee hours.

VH Bali is conveniently right in the middle of the kilometre-long Jalan Pantai, often referred to as Kuta’s ‘halfway’.

The rounded deck is bordered with large grey cushioned all-weather faux wicker loungers, providing wide-angle panoramas of Kuta’s western horizon, the island’s isthmus and down to the distant Bukit in the south.

Under the shade of white sails, there’s a set of dining tables adjacent to a round bar where Velvet mixologists prepare a selection of refreshing drinks, from the traditional to the innovative molecular types. Open for lunch, Velvet’s menu comprises a mix of Western, Asian and even local favourites, from salads and sandwiches, pizzas and pastas, to Indonesian fried rice, Balinese ‘betutu’ slow-cooked chicken and other Oriental stir-fried dishes. The drinks list is impressive, but there are great molecular inventions that serve as perfect sundowners, and they like to throw in free-flow promos, from beers to ice cream at particular timeframes.

It’s easy to lose sense of time on the deck and if you happen to be lounging there between Wednesday and Sunday, the doors of the dazzling, laser-lit Hypnotized open at 22:00 to the clubbing crowd, who are in for a treat with regular club nights and top live performers. The glitzy international female DJs who spin on the turntables include Kim Lee and Kat Nova, FHM models who decided to join forces DJ-ing together as the duo KIMKAT. Their Hypnotized Paralyzed nights feature top performers on their dub step and electro sets.

source : http://www.bali-indonesia.com