Wave rider

Experience FlowRider at Night, Only at Waterbom Bali

Ever surfed at night? Didn’t think so! Want to try? Thought so! Any clue of what surfing at night looks like?

Below palm trees, in the midst of waterslides, pools, and 3.8 hectares of tropical gardens stands a 9.8 m by 16.45 m Double FlowRider sheet wave surfing machine. The power behind the wave is incredible and guarantees for some heart pounding action in the water. This double sheet wave generator leaves ample room to carve, lie down, stand, and stunt on an endless wave. It is the ultimate thrill on a relaxing night in the middle of the quiet and serene Waterbom water park after official opening hours.

Right beside is a brand new ThaItalian Theatre concept restaurant, beautifully decorated and with an exotic menu that keeps hungry customers coming back for more. The restaurant provides the perfect space to take a break and become spectator of the skills on the body and stand-up board. Illuminated by lights, the flow boarding venue is taken to another level of awesomeness. Music just adds to the great impressions that a night surfing session will guarantee.

Come and experience FlowRider every Thursday night, only at Waterbom Bali where the thrill of surfing on a stationary wave will keep you trying. Get wet and wild, surf to the sound of music, watch the lights and the stars, eat what you desire, and just enjoy a night in the tropics. Once you did it, you’ll want to do it again.

source : http://www.bali-travelnews.com